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What Type of Information Do We Provide?

You can see what is going on technology right now? Trending News & Updates, tech-related problems, and solutions, Mobile related issues, Windows-related issues, Android Help all helps will be provided to you.

You can know about Android, Windows, YouTube, WordPress and Tips and Tricks of these as well.

Dkadvice provides you the Information related to new technologies and you can easily get updates from here with latest technology trends.

Dkadvice will also provide you with Current Job Opportunities along with the Top category of different fields.


Deepak Kumar Sinha : Founder of !websoft and Dkadvice
Deepak Kumar Sinha


I am Founder & Admin of Dkadvice And 1websoft from Patna(India). I love to write the article on technology and very passionate about blogging and his area of interests are intact with new technology, Web Designing, and keenness to learn Ethical tricks as well. Apart from blogging, I love to do programming and study about Latest Technology.

was started on 08 August 2018 by Deepak Kumar Sinha.T he main purpose of starting this Website is to help people for getting relevant and right information. Dkadvice mainly focuses on Tricks and Tips related to Ethical tricks, Internet Tricks, WhatsApp Tricks, Basic Computer Tricks and Facebook Tricks. Our main aim is to share and provide the Ethical knowledge with our readers.

Inspired By :

when I did not know about computers. I have just started getting into this. They people come into my life and helped me a lot. They have also changed the way that was I think about myself. I was able to obtain a higher self-esteem and a higher opinion of myself. I am able to look in the mirror and for one of the first times ever, be proud of the person that I am. They are believed in me, and that’s all that I really needed. I will never forget all that you have done for me. I will never forget your presence, your existence, or your memory and your inspiration. I will never forget all that you have taught me, my key skill. I will never forget you.

Dharmendra Kumar( My smart support)
Dharmendra Kumar( My smart support)
Akhilesh Sir (mentors adda)
Akhilesh Sir (mentors adda)







Abhishekh sager (Technical sager)
Abhishekh sager (Technical sager)
Hitesh Kumar (Technical Dost)
Hitesh Kumar (Technical Dost)










And Most Beautiful Person in My Life


Thanks To All Of You, to come in my life and teach me a lot!
Thanks so much!